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Island of Ischia Naples Golfo di Napoli Campania Best hidden gems in italy

One of Naples’ best-kept secrets is the island of Ischia, this volcanic island is home to more than 100 natural thermal springs which have been...

Ischia N/A
Salento Puglia Penisola Salentina What to see Best hidden gems in italy

Also known as “the Italian Maldives” At the Southernmost tip of Italy is the Salento Peninsula, known for its stunning turquoise seas,...

Alberobello N/A
Urbino medieval town Marche region What to see Best hidden gems in italy

Renaissance Hill Town in Le Marche, attractive walled city of Urbino is one of the most important cultural capitals of the Renaissance, though it...

Strada del Sagrantino Wine Trail Umbria What to see Best hidden gems in italy

With its lush rolling hills and noteworthy hilltop towns, Umbria combines nature and culture alongside an important agricultural tradition. Enjoy the...

Montefalco N/A
Brisighella Ravenna Emilia Romagna What to see Best hidden gems in italy

Brisighella, nestled in the Apennine Mountains of Emilia-Romagna, is certainly one of the most beautiful hilltop villages in Italy. With a 14th...

Brisighella N/A